NEWS: President Buhari Dissolves NNPC Board Of Directors


This information that was found on NTA News tweet this afternoon:

it is also found in a letter signed by Mr. Danladi Kifasi (head of the civil service of the federation.)

In the letter, President Muhammad Buhari thanked members of the dissolved board for their services to the Nation.

The presidential aide Mr. Femi Adesina, told Sahara Reporters that “you can’t make changes without having new leadership” and that Buhari remains “committed to cleaning up the system, and wants accountability and transparency in the oil industry.” and also added that “people must be patient for the President’s next move.”

The NNPC is the state-run oil company which oversees Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. It’s board is statutorily headed by the minister of petroleum resources.

As it was reported earlier the restructuring of Petroleum Corporation, may benefit many northerners, a development that is already producing tension within and outside the NNPC.

Some experts have also supposes that it can causes doom for the petroleum industry if the policies are implemented.
Nigeria’s leader will probably appoint himself as the new minister of petroleum resources.

It should be also noted that the National Assembly has also set to investigate the activities of NNPC.

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