Two Fraudsters Caught Impersonating On Facebook and Whatsapp


Why do we people just think it is only by tarnishing others image that can earn us this money.....

This is a story of two guys from Ekiti named Tunde (Oseni) and Johnson Odunayo, they built a shrine in iga ileshi, old palace, ota and start impersonating this two innocent and well known Ifa Priests (Oluwo Fasola Faniyi Babtunde & Olori Shola Animashahun), scamming people around to make their money whereas staining this innocent priests....
They created a Facebook Account named ONIFADE OLOKUN, using the image of Oluwo Fasola Faniyi as their profile picture and also upload images of Olori Shola Animashahun and  Iledi Oladekoju Abimota, Lagos and also have a Whatsapp contact with this number 08166782504 and also with Oluwo Fasola Faniyi’s Picture.

We later heard about this Crime act from people that know this innocent priest and we decided to track them down with a lady who pretended to need a solution from them, they gave her an address and told her to bring a lot of salt with huge amount of money when she is coming, unfortunately for them, one of them came out to pick the lady at the address given to the lady, not knowing that policemen have hanged around, that was how they were been captured.

The Criminals are already in the Police Custody and the case is heading to the court...

Anyone who might have come across this fraudsters and have been duped should please and please know that it was not the people they think it was.

The Facebook page they operate on has been De-activated.

We will continue to feed you more about the case later................
This are the images of the fraudsters and their fake shrine... ... ....

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