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The Federal Government of Nigeria is eager to stop the migration of its people

The Nigerian Federal Government intends to stop the mass migration going on in the country. The Minister of State for Science, Technology, and Innovation, Henry Ikoh made the announcement.   

Nigeria in the past few years has developed a migration problem.

Nigeria's Federal Government announced on Thursday it is trying to find ways that to prevent the near-parasitic level of migrations.

The spokesperson for the Nigerian government also disclosed that the government has plans to procure employment opportunities for its people, seeing as that’s the number one reason people are leaving the country.

The Minister of State for Science, Technology, and Innovation, Henry Ikoh, made the announcement in Abuja while receiving the Secretary-General of the Digital Cooperation Organisation, Ms. Deemah Yahya, who paid him a courtesy visit in connection with the upcoming Digital Nigeria Day Conference.

He noted that the government is doing all it can to make sure to remedy the self-inflicted damage the economy has caused Nigerian human capital.

He elaborated on the government’s intention on the matter and mentioned the importance of synergy with the government’s plan.

“The synergy is what we require, capacity building is key and technology transfer is what Nigeria and Africa in particular need at the moment so that the world can be a global village. We need to collaborate in all areas to ensure harmony.” He said.

”If we collaborate and synergize in the area of human capital development, it would guarantee industrialization, when people are gainfully employed and moved out from poverty, then Africans and Nigerians would not be struggling to travel abroad because everything is here. We have all the raw materials; what we really require in terms of digitalization is for us to cross-fertilize ideas, train and retrain our people then things would be better.” He added.

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The guest Ms. Deemah Yahya, also made some comments on the government’s new initiative. She stated,

"We are very proud that Nigeria is a founding member of the Digital Corporation Organisation, which is a multilateral organization that focuses on advancing the digital economy in member states. We represent 12 countries, from three continents, representing 600 million in population and $2 trillion in the GDP."

She added “We are very happy that Nigeria has been a founding member and we are here not only to reiterate our commitment to empowering digital economic transformation strategies of Nigeria but also to understand the ecosystem of Nigeria, being the players in terms of government, private sector, and civil society. It is also for us to understand how the DCO can help support the growth of Nigeria and hopefully be an enabler.”


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