An IFA Philanthropist (Oluwo Fasola Faniyi) Organized a FREE EYE CLINIC in conjunction with Eyes4Africa Foundation at OTA


REPORT FROM THE FREE EYE CARE PROGRAMME that took place at the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Secretariat Hall on 19th to 20th of June 2017 organized by An IFA Philanthropist OLUWO FASOLA FANIYI (CEO of Ancestral Pride Temple Ltd.) in conjunction with Dr. Michelle McCollin (Founder of Eyes 4 Africa Foundation Incorporation)

As part of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of Ancestral Pride Temple Limited, the management in collaboration with Eyes 4 Africa Foundation Incorporation has organized a 2 days free medical eye treatment to the people of Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The Executive Chairman, Hon. Adeniji Oladele represented by his Vice, Hon. Ojugbele Rotimi appreciate the efforts and initiative of Eyes 4 African Foundation Incorporation and Ancestral Pride Temple Limited for the promotion of good eye condition in Africa especially in Nigeria.

“Our Appreciation goes to Dr. Michelle McCollin and her team on Eyes 4 Africa for organizing this in our Local Government and its environs, indeed we have also collaborate with the programme and the initiatives in a bid to improve the health condition and quality of life of our local populace”. Said by the Executive Chairman representative.

Dr. Michelle McCollin said she has been in the humanitarian business for over 5years, she said it behooves on her to assist and help those with eye defect when she visited Africa especially Nigeria and Observed the high rate of eye problem in the country.

She also attributed the causes of the eye defect and blindness to food ingredients such as Seasoning, Maggi, Frying food, Much salt and high blood pressure. She said ordinarily, the blood pressure should be between the range of 120 and 80 but when it's more than that it will leads to blindness. She therefore advised people to be using locust beans (IRU), Ginger instead of seasoning, small amount of salt.

The 2 days programme came to an end with the total number of 300 people received free eye glasses and other medical items.

The CEO of Ancestral Pride Temple Ltd has said the programme will be a continuous exercise and also promise to embark on other humanitarian services.

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