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The Next Generation of iPhone is gonna be Fantastic

APPLE’S iPhone 7 is expected to be thinner than the current model and come in three different sizes.

If rumours are true, the device will be the thinnest handset the company has produced, coming in at 6mm. That’s not the only rumour dominating headlines with the company expected to go big with a third extra-large model, in addition to the iPhone 5SE to be released this month.

The new iPhone 7 range is expected to be launched in September and will include a 4.7-inch iPhone 7, a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and a new model based around Plus which some are dubbing the “iPhone 7 Pro”.

There is also an incredible video circulating online that show a version with an expanding screen that slides out from the sides of the device, resulting in a screen roughly three times the size. However the source of the video is unclear and the design is unlikely to be a feature in the new phone.

Among other rumoured features for the new generation iPhone is a completely waterproof handset, wireless charging, a dual camera, a second speaker to provide stereo sound and an improved battery life.

While the camera quality of the largest version of the iPhone 7 is expected to improve by featuring a dual camera system, allowing for SLR quality photos, the design around the camera lens will also change. The camera protrudes on the current iPhone 6, resulting in a less than perfect finish for design aficionados.

Addysoft iPhone7
The iPhone 7's camera is gonna be so good that you can take a photo with a girl and it will tell you if she's gonna friendzone you or not.— ;)

The iPhone 7 may feature stereo speakers, and a flush rear camera— All iPhone 

There is also speculation the thinner design will result in the removal of the head phone jack. Such a move would force customers to use bluetooth or other wireless technology to listen to music and apps.

Multiple reports in recent months have espoused “the death of the headphone jack” and it looks like they could be right.

The rumour was bolstered by a new patent that contained sketches of Apple headphones that can listen to the device wirelessly.

Sketch from a recently approved Apple patent.

The company which provides the majority of Apple’s iPhone LCD panels, Japan Display, has recently come out with a new technology called Pixel Eyes which is said to respond to touch input even when the user has wet fingers. This has led many to rationalise that Apple is creating a handset that doesn’t just withstand spills and raindrops, but a totally waterproof device.

This rumour was bolstered by the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7 which offers a completely waterproof model.

However according to Japanese Apple blogger Mac Otakara, rumours of a waterproof design for the iPhone 7 are not true.

It’s also anticipated that Apple will introduce an obscure new technology that will allow the individual parts of the device to be shielded from electromagnetic interference, allowing the phone to better communicate with cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

The technology was used by the company in the Apple watch and since the parts are more effectively shielded from interfering with each other, the phone can be fitted with more elaborate chips which frees up space for a larger battery.

Feel the Trailer Video

IPhone 7 Rumors Have Already Started


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