Maheeda says no need for Father’s Day since her step father raped her at 11



As fathers were celebrated globally, controversial gospel singer and nudist, Maheeda has said there was no point celebrating the day, since she never benefited from those she called her father.

She said while her real father passed on (died) five months after her birth, her step father whom she grew to know as a father assaulted her sexually, by raping her when she was only 11 years.

Maheeda who made this known in series of tweets , rhetorically asked why she should celebrate a day that has left a permanent scar on her.

Hence she never got a fatherly love.

In a response to some wishes, Maheeda wrote, ‘’ Happy Father’s Day? Which father? The father that left me from 5 months old? Or the step father that raped me growing up? Fuck the Father’s Day!! Not for me huh? Keep your wishes.”

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