Photo: Woman rescued from Sambisa forest says she hasn't seen her children since she was kidnapped 11 months ago


A 26-year-old mother of three simply identified as Hafsat says she hasn't seen two of her children, Bala (8) and Mohammed (6) since she was kidnapped by Boko Haram members from her village, Yaza in Borno state 11 months ago.

While recounting her experience, Hafsat who now lives in the Malkohi Internal Displaced Persons Camp in Yola, Adamawa State, told CNN;
"When gunmen came to my village 11 months ago, killing everyone in sight, I thought I could escape. But I was wrong."
 She said the day she was abducted was the last time she saw her two sons, Bawa and Mohammed, eight and six-years-old, respectively.

She was left to care alone for her third son, two-year-old Ismail pictured with her above. She said many other women were separated from their children as well: 
"When the shooting stopped, we were all led like animals into the forest. I saw babies die and watched in pain as children were asked to bury them. In Sambisa Forest, I was asked to renounce my religion or be treated as a slave. I refused, and I was flogged daily. I did the chores and was given maize and guinea-corn peels to eat. At that time, it meant a lot because some days I had nothing to eat." she said

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